Sabse Bada Sawal: Is President’s rule the last option to save Manipur from burning?

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Biggest Question, 19 June 2023: Hello, I am Sandeep Chowdhary. Today in the biggest question, I am going to talk about the northeastern state of Manipur. This state is an integral part of the country. But the situation is dire. Manipur is burning since 48 days. More than 100 people have died. Three thousand people were injured. More than 60 thousand people became homeless. Have come to Delhi leaving everything behind. He became a refugee in his own country. This violence started on May 3. The biggest question that arises is where is the government. The government is seen sitting with folded hands. It is a double engine government. 32 MLAs are from BJP in the 60 assembly, so why is the situation not being able to come under control.

The houses of even the Union Minister were burnt. BJP’s office was burnt. Four thousand weapons of the police force are missing. One and a half lakh bullets have gone missing. One thousand weapons have come back. Manipur is getting militarised. This area is very sensitive. This state is divided into different parts. LG retired Nishikant compared the situation in Manipur to Syria. Home Minister Amit Shah went to Manipur. But the situation remains the same. So today’s biggest question is save Manipur…impose president’s rule? Peace is necessary in Manipur…not politics! watch the big debate

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