Saamana Editorial: Will Agenda Toli also make ‘Manipur Files’?

Uddhav Thackeray

Saamana Editorial: The Uddhav faction has targeted PM Modi and ‘Agenda Toli’ through their mouthpiece Saamana regarding the Manipur violence and the incident of two women being paraded naked. Saamana’s editorial wrote that had the Supreme Court itself not taken cognizance of the Manipur violence, Prime Minister Modi would not have opened his mouth on this serious issue. Taking cognizance, the Supreme Court reprimanded the Central and State Governments on Thursday.

The video of two women being paraded naked is disturbing. Central and state governments should take action, otherwise the court will intervene’, the court warned, and PM Modi had to break his 80-day silence on the Manipur violence.

In the end, the question has been asked that will the BJP people who put up a ‘public show’ of ‘Kerala Story’ dare to show a similar public show of ‘Manipur Files’? Will the Prime Minister show the courage to watch the film ‘Manipur Files’?

‘How seriously should PM’s words be taken’

In Saamana, Ajit Pawar, who joined the BJP-Shiv Sena government led by Eknath Shinde after rebelling from NCP, was also attacked in gestures. Wrote that the Prime Minister said that the miscreants of the Manipur incident will not be forgiven at all. Will not forgive now what does it mean? Will not forgive the corrupt, this is Modi’s guarantee. PM Modi had claimed this. The very next day, he included many corrupt corrupt people in the BJP and made them ministers. That’s why how seriously should the words of the Prime Minister be taken?

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‘Manipur burning since 80 days, PM not ready for discussion’

Violence has been going on in Manipur for 80 days. Humanity was embarrassed by the incident of two tribal women being paraded naked in it. Country’s reputation has been tarnished worldwide, but Modi and his government are not ready to discuss this issue in Parliament.

Horrible violence and atrocities are taking place in Manipur as compared to Kashmir. But the ‘Mahamandaleshwar of BJP’ who is doing Hindu-Muslim or Hindustan-Pakistan politics on the issue of Kashmir is not ready to go to Manipur and establish peace.

‘Everyone should unite to save India’

60,000 personnel of the Central Security Force have been deployed in Manipur. Still the violence is not stopping. This means that the situation has gone beyond the control of the Prime Minister and the Home Minister. Now 26 political parties have formed an alliance called ‘India’. This is the naked picture of that India. That’s why everyone should unite to save ‘India’.

‘Security to Kangana Ranaut, naked parade of women in Manipur’

On one hand, actress Kangana Ranaut is seen roaming around with arrogance in the special security arrangements of the central government, while at the same time, naked parade of two tribal women is conducted in Manipur. Those women have no security. Such is Modi’s India. Tomorrow the Indian Army will also be made available for the protection of government sycophants. But those who really need to be protected are left neglected.

‘If there was no BJP rule in Manipur, President’s rule would have been imposed’

Had there been a non-BJP ruled government in Manipur, it would have been dismissed by now and President’s rule would have been imposed there. He did not have a government of his choice in Maharashtra, so he toppled the ‘Thackeray’ government with the help of Khoks, but Chief Minister Viren Singh, who tolerated the naked parade of women with open eyes, is still sitting on the throne of Manipur.

Will PM be able to see Manipur files?

The support of the Chinese dragon to the terrorist forces of Manipur has been revealed. Is this a reason for not opening one’s mouth on violence and being afraid to take action? In the past, films such as ‘Tashkent Files’, conversion of women in Kerala, their participation in a terrorist organization called ISIS, ‘The Kerala Story’, terrorist actions in Kashmir, ‘The Kashmir Files’ were produced as an agenda in the intervening period. This group has now made a film ‘Manipur Files’ on the violence in Manipur.

Will the BJP people who put up a ‘public show’ of ‘Kerala Story’ dare to do a similar public show of ‘Manipur Files’? Will the Prime Minister show the courage to watch the film ‘Manipur Files’?

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