Russian President Vladimir Putin suffering from amnesia? Know what Kremlin said about health


Vladimir Putin Health: There are many times news about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This time there is news that he has dementia. Actually, during a discussion in the Kremlin, Putin was seen talking to some people. During this, some incidents happened which increased the speculation about the health of Russian President Vladimir Putin. As soon as the rumor of Vladimir Putin having dementia spread, a statement was issued by the Kremlin and it was said that the Russian President’s health is absolutely fine.

A video clip tweeted by blogger Ulyana Yapparova shows Vladimir Putin talking with deputy mayor Ivan Shtokman. In the video, Stockman is seen in military uniform. Shtokman told the president that he felt he had to do something for his country, so he thought about becoming deputy mayor of the city of Nizhny Novgorod.

Explaining his decision to join the army amid the Ukraine war, Ivan Shtokman told Vladimir Putin that the country’s future was being decided now. Putin was impressed by his statement. Putin said that in the end you came to the most important thing in this search… which is devotion to the country.

After this, Vladimir Putin asked Ivan Shtokman the age of his children. Ivan Shtokman told that the youngest son is 9 years old, while the eldest son is 23 years old. On this, the Russian leader praised the decision of Ivan Shtokman and said that your little child is three years old. After this, once again the rumor of Putin’s amnesia went viral.

Putin has been rumored to have cancer before

Even before this there was a rumor about Putin that he has cancer. Last year, a report claimed that doctors had asked Putin to undergo an operation as soon as possible. It was also claimed in the report that during the operation he may temporarily hand over his power to former Federal Police Chief Nikolay Patrushev.

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