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Russian jet collided with American drone in Black Sea amid Ukraine war, US officials made big claim

New Delhi: A surprising news has come to light amidst the Russia-Ukraine war. A Russian jet collided with an American drone in the Black Sea. This information has been given by the US Army.

Aircraft were circling the international border

According to CNN, a Russian jet and an American MQ-9 Reaper drone came face to face over the Black Sea on Tuesday. During this, the Russian jet hit and damaged the propeller of the American drone. The incident took place when the US Reaper drone and Russia’s jet fighter were circling the international waters over the Black Sea.

American officials claim – Russian jet deliberately surfaced

The American drone had to land in the Black Sea after the propeller was damaged. US officials say that the Russian jet intentionally came in front of the American drone and started dropping oil from the jet. During this, a jet has damaged the propeller of the drone. This propeller was attached to the back of the drone.

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