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Russia-Ukraine War: US President Biden suddenly arrived in Kiev by train, is something bad going to happen to Putin?

Russia-Ukraine War: US President Joe Biden suddenly reached Ukraine’s capital Kiev on Monday. This visit of Biden is shocking to the world. Because till now America has been supporting Ukraine from afar. But both the countries are together.

Biden said, ‘America and the world stand with Ukraine. Kiev has captured a part of my heart. One year later, Kiev stands, Ukraine stands, and democracy stands.’

This is Biden’s first visit after the attack

Please tell that on February 24, Russian troops attacked Ukraine. Four days later, one year of this war is being completed. This is the first US President’s visit to Ukraine since the start of the war.

US President Joe Biden met with Ukrainian President Voldomir Zelensky. No one even got the news of President Biden’s visit. Biden went to Poland on Saturday night. From here he traveled for an hour and reached Kiev, the capital of Ukraine by train.

Suddenly air siren rang, Biden got down from the car

Before the US President’s visit to Kiev, the entire area was made a no-fly zone. All roads to Kiev were also closed. 22 minutes wore on as air raid sirens sounded across the capital. Uniformed Ukrainian military officers stood outside in the street. Meanwhile, Biden was seen in a black car.

Biden and Zelensky together laid a wreath at the Wall of Remembrance in memory of the soldiers killed in the war. Biden saluted. Both the Presidents stood in silence for a few moments.

Let us tell you that on Saturday, Biden had announced in the White House that he would not leave Ukraine. He promised Zelensky to increase arms supplies to Ukraine.

Russia-Ukraine war will last long

Now the meaning of US President Joe Biden’s visit is being extracted. It is claimed that now the war between Russia and Ukraine is not going to calm down. In a way, Biden has given a strong message to both Russia and China. Because China is supporting Russia. Zelensky hailed Biden’s visit as an important gesture of support.

Zelensky said, Joseph Biden, welcome to Kiev. Your visit is an extremely important gesture of support for all Ukrainians.

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