Russia-Ukraine War: Bombing on own city, big mistake made by Russian fighter jet


Russia-Ukraine War: The Russia-Ukraine War is still going on. Russia keeps on bombing intermittently. But this time the Russian fighter jet made a big mistake. Actually a Russian fighter jet was going to bomb Ukraine. But the bomb was dropped only on a city in Russia. The jet dropped a bomb on the Russian city of Belgorod. Due to which many buildings were damaged.

Due to the fall of the bomb, there was a 20 meter pit at one place in the city. The sound of the attack was so terrible that the whole city woke up. The governor of Belgorod promptly imposed a state of emergency in the city. The bomb was accidentally dropped from a Sukhoi-34 fighter jet. This war plane is one of Russia’s state-of-the-art fighter jets. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the Russian city where the bomb fell is near the Ukrainian border. Two women have been injured in this incident.

According to the Russian media, orders have been given to investigate this mistake. Videos of bomb fall are going viral on social media. Belgorod is on the Russia-Ukraine border. This Russian city is very close to the Ukrainian city of Kharkiv from the north. The Russian army enters Ukraine via Kharkiv through this route.

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