Russia Ukraine War: ‘Russia weaponizing crimes like rape in the battlefield’, Biden’s big statement

Biden on Pakistan

Russia Ukraine War: As soon as Ukraine left Kiev, US President Joe Biden made a big statement about the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia. Biden said that Russia will never win this war. Biden said these things in Warsaw, Poland.

Biden said that a dictator bent on rebuilding an empire would never be able to erase a people’s love of freedom. Cruelty will never be able to reduce the desire for freedom. He said that the past year has been extraordinary because of the brutality of the Russian army. Russia continues to commit crimes against humanity without any shame.

Biden said – Rape was used as a weapon

The US President said that Russian soldiers have crossed all limits of cruelty. He said that the Russian army has used heinous crimes like rape as a weapon in the battlefield. Also, in an attempt to take away Ukraine’s future, they have stolen Ukrainian children.

Biden also said that no one can turn a blind eye to the atrocities Russia is perpetrating on the people of Ukraine. Biden said that even before the war was a year old, the morale of the Russian soldiers had started to decline. Ukraine is still completely independent.

Remembered last year’s speech in Warsaw

Biden also recalled his last year’s speech at the Royal Castle in Warsaw. He said that the ongoing war between Ukraine and Russia has become the biggest battlefield since World War II. He said that a year ago the whole world was feeling that the defeat of Kiev was certain but I just returned from Kiev a few hours ago and I say that Kiev stands firm.

Let us tell you that recently US President Joe Biden suddenly reached Kiev and he met Ukraine’s President Zelensky here.

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