Russia’s claim; Terrorist attack by drone in Putin’s office, President narrowly escapes

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Terrorist attack on Putin: There was a terrorist attack on Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday. It was told that Putin’s office Kremlin in Moscow was targeted by drones. However, Putin was not present in the office when the attack took place.

Russia is considering this attack as a ‘planned terrorist act’. It is reported that two drones have been used in the attack. The Kremlin was quoted as saying that Russian security forces disabled both drones before they could crash into the dome.

The Kremlin said in its statement that two unmanned drones were targeted towards the Kremlin. Using the radar system, the army and special forces retaliated in time and the drone was destroyed.

Video of drone dropping viral

The video is circulating on Russian social media, including Russia’s military news outlet Zvezda channel. Smoke is seen rising from behind the main Kremlin Palace following the alleged incident. While a video shows a drone being shot down by the Russian military right above the Kremlin’s dome.

Drone flying banned in Moscow

Following the incident, the mayor of Moscow announced a ban on unauthorized drone flights over the capital. In a statement, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin said drone flights would remain prohibited unless special permission was obtained from government authorities. He has said that strict action will be taken against those who ban unauthorized drone flights.

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