Russia Ukraine War: Russia furious after drone attack on Kremlin; Bombs dropped on Ukraine, more than 20 people died

russia ukraine war

Russia Ukraine War: Russia is furious after the drone attack on the Kremlin. After the drone attack, Ukraine was attacked by drones overnight from Russia. Reports claimed that 21 people were killed in the Russian attack while around 50 people were injured.

It is being told that Punit’s army has accused Ukraine of attacking the Kremlin. Ukraine’s Air Force said on Thursday that Russia carried out rapid drone attacks on different parts of Ukraine’s Kharsan. It was claimed that the Ukrainian army shot down 18 Russian drones.

Revenge for the attack on the Kremlin

The attack on Ukraine’s Kherson is being described as Russia’s revenge. Actually, Russia claimed that Ukraine had carried out this attack by sending fighter drones. Explain that small missiles can be taken to the target through fighter drones. At the moment, it has not been confirmed that the attack was carried out by Ukraine and was carried out by a fighter drone.

Putin’s office was attacked by drone

Explain that the Kremlin, the office of Russian President Vladimir Putin, was attacked by a drone. Putin was not in his office at the time of the attack. Russia described the attack as a ‘planned terrorist act’. The Kremlin was quoted as saying that Russian security forces disabled both drones before they crashed into the dome.

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Ukraine denies attack on Kremlin

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has denied any attack on the Kremlin, reports CNN. He said that we do not have enough weapons to carry out such incidents. The President of Ukraine said that we simply respond to every Russian attack and defend our cities.

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