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Rose Flower Vastu Remedies: Rose flower can change your luck, just do this remedy, there will never be shortage of money

Rose Flower Vastu Remedies: The face brightens up on seeing the flower. Along with making the house fragrant, colorful flowers are also offered at the feet of God. Although there are many types of flowers, but the most special is Rose Flowers. Rose is considered a symbol of love. But Vastu Shastra (Vastu Shastra) also the rose flower has great importance.

In Vastu, many such measures of rose have been told, by doing which luck can change. According to Vastu, if you start doing these remedies related to rose flower, then happiness and peace will come in the house. In such a situation, let us know about some special measures related to rose.

money gain

For those who are troubled by financial constraints and want to overcome it, this rose remedy can prove to be very effective. For this, burn a piece of camphor on a rose flower on Friday evening. When it burns, offer that flower to Goddess Lakshmi. Due to this there will be no shortage of heat in your house.

make a wish

There are many people who make a wish but their wish is not fulfilled. In such a situation, by offering 11 fresh rose flowers to Hanumanji on any Tuesday, Bajrangbali can be pleased and fulfill your wishes. You do this for 11 consecutive Tuesdays.

for blessings in the house

According to Vastu, the remedy of rose is very effective to maintain blessings in the house and also to remove financial constraints. For this, take red sandalwood, red rose and roli on Tuesday and tie them in a red cloth. After this, go to a Hanuman temple and keep it for a week. Then after a week keep it in the vault of the house or shop. According to Vastu Shastra, doing this brings blessings to the house.

to cure disease

Those people who often have someone or the other ill in their house and there is no improvement in their health, then they can also do the remedy of rose. For this, put rose flowers and batashes in a betel leaf and take it off 11 times and then throw it at a crossroad. By doing this, health will start improving.

To get a job

There are many people who are looking for a job but despite trying a lot, they do not get success. For such people also, the remedy of rose proves to be very useful. For this, by offering red roses to Hanuman temple barefoot every morning for 40 days, you can get a job soon. You start it from Tuesday.


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