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Make Tiranga Halwa on Republic Day

Republic Day Special Recipe: Every year Republic Day is celebrated on 26 January. On this day everyone is immersed in the colors of the country. Raising the spirit of patriotism, on this day people make and enjoy new recipes of tri-color i.e. the color of the tricolor. If you also want to make something special on the occasion of this Republic Day to increase the spirit of patriotism in you, then we have come up with a very good sweet dish recipe for you. Whose name is Tri Color Halwa (Tiranga Halwa). Everyone likes halwa very much. So come, today we know the easy recipe of making tricolor halwa.

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Ingredients to make Tiranga Halwa

– 3/4 cup milk
– 3 tbsp desi ghee
– 6 tbsp semolina
– 3 teaspoons sugar
– 1 teaspoon poppy seed syrup
– 1 teaspoon orange squash
– 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
1 small bowl dry fruits and tutti frutti (for garnish)

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Tricolor Halwa Recipe

To make Tiranga Halwa on the occasion of Republic Day, first heat ghee in a pan.
Now put semolina in it and roast it till it becomes golden brown and then add milk to it and keep stirring it.
When it becomes sour, add sugar to it and cook stirring well, and add orange squash to it and then mix it well and keep it aside.
Now again heat the ghee in a clean pan and add semolina to it and roast it till it turns brown.
Mix milk, sugar and vanilla essence in it and mix it well and cook till it thickens. Your white pudding is ready. Now keep this also on the side.
Now it is the turn of green pudding, for this also take a clean pan and add ghee and heat it and then fry the semolina till it turns golden brown.

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Now add milk and sugar to it and cook till it thickens. After that add poppy seed syrup for green color and mix well.
Now spread a plastic sheet on a plate, first place a layer of green colored halwa i.e. poppy seed halwa on it. After this, spread a white layer i.e. a layer of halwa with vanilla essence. Lastly, place the saffron colored layer i.e. orange squash layer. After applying all the three layers, garnish the Tiranga Halwa with pre-chopped dry fruits and colorful tutti-frutti and serve hot.

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