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Rakhi Sawant: Adil Khan is troubling Rakhi Sawant even in jail, husband exposed in front of paparazzi

Rakhi Sawant: Rakhi Sawant is a very popular name in the entertainment industry. From social media to reality shows, she remains very active everywhere. Rakhi Sawant is the name of the industry who remains in headlines less because of her work and more because of her statements. Because of this, she has once again given a statement regarding her husband Adil Khan.

Rakhi Sawant made serious allegations against her husband

Not only professionally but also due to personal reasons, he has made a lot of headlines. Now for the last few days, Rakhi Sawant is once again in discussion due to her husband Adil Khan Durrani. Rakhi Sawant has made many serious allegations against boyfriend-turned-husband Adil Khan. Due to these allegations, Adil Khan has been sent to jail. Talking about Adil’s case, Rakhi Sawant has made many allegations against him.

Confession of pregnancy

Rakhi Sawant has claimed that her husband is having an affair with a girl named Tanu whom he wants to marry. Not only this, Rakhi Sawant has also told that she had a miscarriage after coming from Bigg Boss Marathi Season 4.

Conversation with Adil in jail

While talking to paparazzi, Rakhi Sawant told that she had reached jail to meet Adil but he was talking to her very rudely. Rakhi says that he also asked her about her 1.5 crore which Rakhi has given to her.
The actress told that Adil met me inside. I have been asking him for 2 hours whether you have taken the car but he very rudely said that it is not your concern. He is very bad with me.

Told Adil to be the setting manager

Answering the paparazzi’s question, Rakhi Sawant says that till now she has not received any call from Adil’s family members. He said that Adil’s parents also know how big a setup their son is. They think he will get away but I also see how he gets away. Do as many settings as you want, it is Rakhi Sawant’s case, let’s see who is getting set and who is not.


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