‘What kind of government is this of Rajasthan…’, PM Modi taunts Gehlot-Pilot’s quarrel, lays foundation stone of Global Hospital

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Rajasthan: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a visit to Rajasthan on Wednesday. PM Modi laid the foundation stone of the second phase of the Shivamani Old Age Home’s Super Specialty Charitable Global Hospital. On this occasion, the PM said that in the last 9 years, on an average, a new medical college has been opened every month. In the first 10 years of 2014, less than 150 medical colleges were formed and in the last 9 years, more than 300 new medical colleges have been formed. Before 2014 there were around 50,000 MBBS seats and today there are more than 1 lakh MBBS seats.

PM Modi took a jibe at the tussle between CM Ashok Gehlot and Sachin Pilot in Rajasthan. He said that what kind of government is this in Rajasthan where the Chief Minister does not trust his MLAs, the MLAs do not trust their Chief Minister. Here everyone is blaming each other. When there will be crisis on the chair, then who will worry about development. Today, the law and order in Rajasthan has been completely destroyed under the Congress rule. In Rajasthan, where serious crimes were rarely heard of, today criminals are roaming fearlessly and the Congress, which is enslaved by vote banks, is afraid to take action.

Evacuate people trapped in Sudan

PM Modi said that some people of India were stuck in Sudan. The BJP government was trying to get them out but the Congress people started a ruckus. Congress put people in danger. They were thinking that in this atmosphere of war, someone would get shot and then they could hold Modi’s throat.

He said that the kind of politics that the Congress has been doing for decades, the Dalit, backward and tribal communities have suffered the most. Tribal society trusted Congress for years but what did they get? Only lack. After independence, most of the parties were formed in the name of social justice, but what did these parties give to the country? They only gave casteism, extreme familyism and corrupt ecosystem to the country.

Remove poverty, the country’s biggest scam

PM Modi said that the biggest scam in the history of independent India, a tremendous fraud on public sentiments… happened 50 years ago. The Congress had given a guarantee of eradicating poverty in the country 50 years ago. With every guarantee of the Congress, the leaders of the Congress become richer and the citizens of the country become poorer.

Spiritual peace comes between you

At the same time, PM Modi, who reached the Shantivan campus of Brahma Kumaris in Abu Road, said that whenever I come among you, I feel spiritual. All the social and religious institutions of India have a big role in this nectar of independence. This amrit kaal of freedom is a time of duty for all the citizens of the country. Today India is taking forward a global movement regarding Srianna i.e. Millets. Today in the country, we are taking forward campaigns like natural farming. Our rivers have to be cleaned, ground water has to be conserved.

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