Rahul Gandhi In US: ‘I am the first person who got such a big punishment for contempt…’, Rahul Gandhi said in America, BJP replied

Rahul Gandhi 22

Rahul Gandhi In US: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is on a 10-day tour of America. Speaking at Stanford University in California on Wednesday, Rahul Gandhi said he was probably the first person to get the maximum sentence for defamation. It was completely different from fiction. He said, when I entered politics two decades ago, I never thought that I could be disqualified from the Lok Sabha. But now it can happen any time. But I think politically I have got a big opportunity.

Union Minister Anurag Thakur has hit back at Rahul Gandhi. He said that Congress leader Rahul Gandhi in California is not targeting PM Modi, he is insulting the entire country.

A battle for democracy in India

In Stanford, Rahul Gandhi accused the Modi government of weakening central agencies and the opposition. He said that the opposition in India is struggling. Institutions have been captured. We are fighting for the fight to save democracy in the country. No organization is able to work.

My opinion on the Ukraine-Russia issue with my government

In Stanford University, it was asked why India has relations with Russia despite the war on Ukraine? On this, Rahul Gandhi said that we have some dependencies on Russia. Our relationship is different. Supporting India’s policy, he said that my stand in this matter is the same as that of my government.

my phone is tapped i know

At the same time, in a conversation with startup entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, Rahul Gandhi accused the Modi government of phone tapping. Referring to Pegasus, Rahul said that my phone was tapped, I know. He took out the phone in a funny tone and said hello! Mr Modi. Rahul claimed that if the country was interested in phone tapping then it was not a battle worth fighting. I feel that whatever work I do is in front of the government.

PM Modi will explain even to God

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi on Wednesday said in an address in the United States that India is being run by a group of people who are “absolutely convinced” that they know everything. The Prime Minister is one of those people. If you make Modiji sit next to God, he will start explaining to God how the universe works. Really don’t understand anything. Because you cannot understand anything in life if you are not willing to listen.

Referring to the Sengol controversy, Rahul Gandhi said that the BJP cannot really discuss these issues, so they have to bring Sengol. You know how to lie down and do all that. Aren’t you glad I’m not lying?

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