Rahul Gandhi Disqualified Case: After America, Germany gave its response, said a big thing about Rahul Gandhi

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Rahul Gandhi Disqualified Case: Germany has now given its reaction to the conviction of Rahul Gandhi in the defamation case and his going to parliament. Germany said on Wednesday that it expects the norms of judicial independence and fundamental democratic principles to be equally applicable to the proceedings against Rahul Gandhi.

This was the first reaction from Germany or any other European country to Rahul Gandhi’s case. German Foreign Ministry spokesperson said that according to our information, Rahul Gandhi is in a position to appeal against the decision. After this it will be clear whether this decision will be upheld and whether there is any basis for suspension of his mandate?

America also gave a response

The German Foreign Ministry spokesperson’s comments came after US State Department Deputy Spokesman Vedant Patel said that the US was tracking Gandhi’s case in Indian courts.

Asked at a media briefing whether Gandhi’s expulsion from Parliament was in line with democratic values, Patel had said that respect for the rule of law and judicial independence are the cornerstones of any democracy and we look forward to hearing Rahul Gandhi’s case in the Indian courts. are looking.

Explain that Rahul Gandhi was convicted by the Surat court in the ‘Modi alias’ case and sentenced to two years. After this his Lok Sabha membership was cancelled. He had made the Modi surname remark during an election campaign rally in Karnataka in 2019.

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