Rahul Gandhi Cambridge Lecture: Rahul surrounded the Modi government from the stage of Cambridge, said- I was also spied on

Rahul Gandhi Cambridge Lecture

Rahul Gandhi Cambridge Lecture: Congress leader and Wayanad MP Rahul Gandhi has gone to London these days. There, while addressing a program of Cambridge University, he said that the central government has control over media and judiciary in India. My phone is spied on by Pegasus.

democratic values ​​should not be imposed

Targeting the Modi government, Rahul Gandhi said that we cannot see such a world being created which is not connected by democratic values. The topic of Rahul Gandhi’s address was Learning to Listen in 21st Century. During this, he advocated democratic values ​​and said that it should not be imposed on any community of the world.

people join themselves

The theme of the final leg of Rahul’s lecture was the inevitability of global dialogue, he sought to weave together different dimensions in a call for new ways of adopting different perspectives. He also explained to the Cambridge University students that travel is a pilgrimage to which People join themselves so that they can listen to others.

Expressed concern over falling democratic values

The Congress MP expressed his opinion on the declining democratic values ​​in India and America. This change has brought out massive inequality and resentment, which needs immediate attention and dialogue, he said.

Mentioned about Bharat Jodo Yatra

During this, Rahul Gandhi had a long discussion about the Bharat Jodo Yatra. He said that Kashmir has been plagued by violence for many years. When the security officials discussed this issue with me, thousands of people came forward carrying the tricolor. A person came closer, he pointed towards some boys and told that they are extremists, those boys stared at me but could not do anything.

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