Imran Khan Case: ‘Ideology cannot be crushed by putting in jail…’ Imran Khan refused to search his house

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Imran Khan Case: Former Pakistan PM Imran Khan on Friday refused permission to search his Zaman Park house after a meeting with a government delegation. After this Imran Khan addressed the people from Zaman Park. Imran said, ‘Ideology cannot be crushed by putting in jail. I do not need NRO, will not leave Pakistan. NRO is taken by those whose money is abroad.

Imran Khan claimed that the vote bank of the party would only increase by taking action against the party leaders. He said that whoever is doing this should remember that it will only strengthen the party. He also taunted the leaders leaving the party. He said that when a party’s vote bank is more than 70 per cent, it does not matter who comes or goes.

Imran’s address was not live on TV

When Imran Khan was speaking, his address did not go live on TV. Imran Khan raised the question that why my address is not being broadcast live on television? Because television broadcasting is entirely based on viewership. It is Zaman Park which currently garners the highest viewership, but they will not be airing it. Have we ever resorted to this during our tenure?

PTI Chairman Imran Khan has expressed apprehension that anchor Imran Riaz was severely tortured in custody. I am afraid that he may not even be alive.

PDM protesters ‘facilitated’ outside SC

Imran Khan said that the people who were beaten up here should be compared with those who had gathered in the Red Zone to put pressure on the Chief Justice. He was given money. No one even knew why they were being taken there. He was being given official help. They were being given facilities and food was being given.

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