Imran Khan News: 8 people running away from Imran’s house in Pakistan were caught, know what the Human Rights Commission said?

Imran Khan News

Imran Khan News: In Pakistan, the police can raid the house of former Prime Minister and President of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan. The interim government of Punjab province had claimed on Wednesday that 30-40 terrorists were hiding in Imran’s Zaman Park residence. The terrorists were given 24 hours to surrender. This deadline has passed. Meanwhile, big news has come to the fore. Punjab Police claims that 8 suspects who were running away from Imran’s house have been nabbed. He has been taken to an undisclosed location for questioning.

Many others also tried to run away, but retreated after seeing the police.

Senior Superintendent of Police Hasan Javid said the suspects were trying to escape through a nearby bridge, leaving Imran Khan. We have information that 30 to 40 people are hiding inside. That is why the area has been cordoned off. Right now we have detained 8 people. All of them are said to be involved in the violence on 9th May. These suspects will be interrogated. SSP Javid alleged that several other Zamans were trying to get out of the park but turned back on seeing the police.

On being asked about the next course of action, SSP Javid said that action will be taken according to the directions given by his officers for further course of action.

arrest political vendetta

The Human Rights Commission has commented on the current condition of Pakistan. The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan has condemned the re-arrest of PTI leaders. Said that the arrest of the leaders who were released by the courts shows the spirit of political vendetta.

This tactic has been used by previous governments including PTI to intimidate opposition leaders. In any case, it reflects political vendetta as weakly justified as allowing the law to take its course.

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