Imran Khan Case: ‘Come and find the hidden terrorists, but…’, Imran Khan challenges Pakistan’s PM Shahbaz

Imran Khan Arrest Case 2

Imran Khan Case: The era of political crisis and rhetoric continues in Pakistan. On Wednesday, former PM Imran Khan made a series of tweets. In a tweet, he claimed that ‘this may be his last tweet’. Imran said that the May 9 violence is a conspiracy to defame me and my party Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf. Party leaders are being threatened to leave PTI. Those who are behind this, do they know what is happening with Pakistan? All this is a conspiracy to ban PTI. Imran Khan has demanded a judicial commission to investigate the violence that took place on 9 May.

Imran Khan said that we will approach the court demanding the formation of a judicial commission. Punjab IG should be called on what happened at Jinnah House in Lahore. If it is properly investigated then it will be revealed that who is behind this conspiracy to ban a political party?

Bring search warrant, my life is also in danger

Imran Khan said that the government has said that terrorists are taking shelter in Zaman Park. If terrorists are hiding then I am also in danger. Get a search warrant, and search wherever you want. Imran said that I do not want to weaken my army. If I weaken my army, I will weaken myself. PDM will not be affected if the country goes down. We the citizens of this country, the people living here will be affected. I will not go out of the country. PDM is doing the same thing which happened in East Pakistan.

All roads leading to Zaman Park closed

All the roads leading to PTI chairman Imran Khan’s residence in Zaman Park have been closed by the police. A large contingent of Punjab Police has been deployed outside the former prime minister’s residence. Dharampura Chowk and Thandi Road have been closed for traffic.

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