Protest against Khalistani attack on embassy in San Francisco, Indian Americans raise slogans of Vande Mataram

Indian American community

San Francisco: The attack on the Indian Embassy in San Francisco by Khalistan supporters has been opposed by the Indian-American community. Members of the Indian-American community gathered outside the Indian Consulate in San Francisco on Friday (local time) to express support for India and its diplomats.

Indian Americans gathered outside the Indian Consulate in San Francisco were seen raising slogans like Vande Mataram, Bharat Mata ki Jai and Akhand Bharat Zindabad. They had banners in their hands which read that we stand with our diplomats and the Khalistani attack on the embassy is a terrorist act.

Please tell that a group of Khalistan supporters tried to set fire to the consulate on 2 July. There was no major damage or injury and the police are probing the incident.

The car was immediately found on fire

A video of the incident was verified by sources, who told news agency ANI that the fire was quickly doused by the San Francisco Fire Department. An official likened the attack to an act of terrorism and said there were no major casualties or damage to personnel.

The local San Francisco Police Department, special diplomatic security personnel, and state and federal authorities were notified of the incident, which has since been investigated. Following the incident, the US strongly condemned the arson attempt by Khalistan supporters against the Indian Consulate in San Francisco.

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