Pragya Slams Rahul: Sadhvi Pragya angry at Rahul Gandhi, said- should be thrown out of the country

Pragya Thakur

Pragya Slams Rahul: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) Lok Sabha MP Pragya Thakur on Saturday made a strong verbal attack on Congress MP Rahul Gandhi. Taking a dig at Rahul Gandhi over his recent remarks on foreign soil, Pragya Thakur said that he should be thrown out of the country.

The BJP MP from Bhopal claimed that Chanakya had said that a son born to a foreign woman could never be a patriot and Rahul Gandhi proved that the saying was true. Pragya Thakur said that we have assumed that you are not from India as your mother is from Italy. Pragya Thakur was answering a question asked on Gandhi’s allegations during an event in Britain.

Talking to news agency ANI, Pragya Thakur said that you (Rahul Gandhi) go to a foreign country and say that you do not get the opportunity to speak in the Parliament. Nothing can be more shameful than this. Them [राहुल गांधी] Should not be given a chance in politics and should be thrown out of the country.

Pragya Thakur said that if the Parliament runs smoothly, more work will happen, but if there is more work, they (Congress) will not survive. Their (Congress) existence is on the verge of extinction. Now their mind is also getting polluted.

What did Rahul Gandhi say?

Let us tell you that Rahul Gandhi had said during a speech during his UK tour that the microphones are often turned off while the opposition is speaking in the Parliament, due to which the voice of the opposition is stopped. Rahul Gandhi had said, “Our mics are not bad, they are working, but you still cannot switch them on. This happened several times while I was speaking.”

He told British MPs in London that working microphones in the Lok Sabha are often silenced against the opposition. Addressing the Indian diaspora in London, the Wayanad MP attacked the BJP and said that the opposition is not allowed to raise the China issue in the Indian Parliament. The Modi government does not allow the concept of opposition in the country.

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