Portable Mini AC: This mini AC cools like Kashmir, know the price and features

Mini AC Price

Portable Mini AC Price: With the onset of summer, there may be an increase in expenses along with electricity bills. The use of fridge, AC and fan etc. increases a lot. When there is excessive heat, there is a need to run AC throughout the day, due to which it is common to increase the electricity bill.

Today we have brought such an AC for you which can be adjusted anywhere in less space. It is cheaper in terms of power consumption and cost. It is an affordable portable mini air conditioner that cools the whole room tremendously. Let us know about it in detail.

Portable Mini AC Features

Portable mini ACs are designed in such a way that they can be easily kept anywhere. In terms of weight, it is very light and handy. It can be fitted anywhere. Its specialty is that it can run without the use of electricity. You can use it by charging it once or by connecting it to a laptop or computer. It can be easily used for both home and office.

Portable Mini AC Price and Availability

Talk about the price, it can be bought within 2 thousand rupees. Its price on Flipkart is around Rs.1500. Whereas, it can be bought offline for less than 2000. This portable AC is also available for purchase in the market. Apart from Flipkart, you can take portable AC from other e-commerce sites.

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