PM Modi US Visit: India’s glory will increase, Modi will make record in America

PM Modi US Visit 1

Sanjeev Trivedi, Delhi: The relationship between America and India, the world’s most influential country, is going to get a new dimension. India’s Prime Minister When he addresses both the Houses of Parliament in the US on June 22, he will be the fifth person in the world to do so. This means that so far only four heads of state or prime ministers have had the honor to address the Parliament of the world’s most powerful democracy twice in their tenure. After the year 2016, when the Prime Minister will do this for the second time on June 22, he will be the first Prime Minister of India to receive this honor.

starting with soft power

It would be better to divide this journey which started from Tuesday into two parts. The celebration of the ninth World Yoga Day on June 21 at the United Nations Headquarters in New York in the presence of the Prime Minister will be like a seal of India’s ‘soft power’. UN General Assembly President Kasaba Korosi’s curious tweet that he looks forward to participating in Yoga Day at the UN Headquarters compound with Prime Minister Modi is a reflection of India’s growing clout in the world.

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This time the Prime Minister is the state guest

The soil of Washington will witness another part of the significance that India will gain from this visit. The Prime Minister has visited America 7 times before but this time the visit is different as it is a state visit. Explaining the meaning, before the visit, Foreign Secretary Vinay Kwatra said that this time the Prime Minister is the state guest of the American Republic and therefore will stay at the Blair House of the White House and a state dinner will also be organized in his honor at the White House lawn. The kind of eagerness people have to attend this dinner is a testimony to the fact that President Biden himself told him during his meeting with Prime Minister Modi in Hiroshima last days. Biden had said that there is a tremendous competition to get the invitation letter and he has never seen such competition for any other leader.

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But the bigger thing is that till now during his tenure, Biden has invited only two heads of state as state guests. Prime Minister Modi is Biden’s third state guest. How keen Biden is can be gauged from the fact that on the evening of 21st before the State Dinner in South Lawn on 22nd, he has also organized a dinner for the Indian Prime Minister under ‘Private Trim’ in which his family and his guests will be . Apart from this, there will be two more such occasions during the visit when Biden and Modi will be together. That means Biden and Modi will be with each other for a total of four times and experts believe that this is the recognition of the special importance being given to India.

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Both countries will give message to China

Perhaps it becomes necessary to know here that apart from his own personality, what other reasons are included in this respect given to the Prime Minister of India. First of all, the need to control China’s dominance in the Indo-Pacific is the primary concern of America today and India as a partner is the only country to ease this concern. Therefore, the visit of the Prime Minister of India is taking place on such an occasion when the Secretary of State of America is on a visit to China where he is also to meet Chinese President Xi Jinping. At this time, it can be understood what kind of message America is giving to whom by welcoming Prime Minister Modi as a state guest in Washington.

what will be the agreements

In terms of exchanges, the major achievement of this visit will be the partnership between General Electric of America and Hindustan Aeronautic Limited of India to manufacture the F-414 engine in India. These jet engines with American technology are being made for our Tejas MK2 fighter plane. As a second achievement, India’s purchase of 31 Predator drones from the US can be seen as an upcoming advance in India’s strategic preparedness. Apart from the agreement related to the benefits of India in the technology of 5G and 6G, apart from the field of semiconductor, there is going to be relief in the case of H1B visa and Indians are eagerly waiting for this relief.

The most special is the Indian American voter

But apart from all these things, there is an angle of this India-America meeting, or rather the most important angle is the election. The tradition of American leaders looking at India from an electoral angle began in the year 2000 when Bill Clinton of the Democratic Party was the President of the United States. His visit to India proved to be a milestone as not only did he prove to be very popular in India himself, but he also achieved considerable success in turning Indian-Americans towards the Democratic Party. Later Obama and now Biden, the relationship established between the Democratic Party and Indians has become an important identity of the US presidential election. At present there are 50 lakh Indian Americans in America who regularly vote in the elections there. More than two-thirds of Indian Americans are believed to be supporters of the Democratic Party. Despite being an American citizen, he is proud of his Indian roots. Not only Babi Jindal, Kamala Harris, Tulsi Gabbard and Nikki Haley, but now hundreds of Indian Americans are holding big positions in many states after winning the elections there. Biden, who has expressed his desire to re-claim because most of the Indian-Americans are associated with the Democratic Party, wants to make the visit of the Indian Prime Minister as memorable as possible.

Silicon Valley occupies a prominent place in the success story of America as a country in the twentieth and twenty-first century, and many of the remarkable Indians working in Silicon Valley have brought tremendous respect to India. Times have changed and so have the global challenges. India is now important for America and it will be very clearly visible during the presence of Prime Minister Modi in America for the next three days.

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