Japan Ambassador Video: Japan’s ambassador lost the battle of eating big pav to his wife in Pune, PM Modi made a funny comment

Japan Ambassador Video

Japan Ambassador Video: Japan’s Ambassador to India Hiroshi Suzuki enjoyed Maharashtrian style street food with his wife at an event in Pune. He has shared a video while eating Bada Pav. PM Modi has replied on his video. PM Modi said that this is such a competition that you cannot feel bad after losing.

Sharing the video, Ambassador Hiroshi wrote that his wife has defeated him. Also said that the big loaf was too spicy for him. Told that he likes the street food of India very much…but a little less spicy please.

PM Modi said – Nice to see

PM Modi gave his reaction to the video of the Ambassador of Japan. That said, this is one contest you can’t mind losing, Mr. Ambassador. Great to see you enjoying India’s culinary diversity and presenting it in such a fresh way. Keep the videos coming!

Users are making funny comments

People are commenting on the video of Ambassador Suzuki. Some people have advised him to eat other cuisines. One user wrote that you are very brave, there are really a lot of chillies in it. You must have mango lassi or mango ice cream to cool your stomach. Many people have advised to eat buttermilk, sweets.

PM Fumio had golgappas in Delhi in March

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida visited India in March. He had gol-gappe, aam panna and lassi during his visit to Buddha Jayanti Park in Delhi with PM Modi.

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