PM Modi inaugurated BJP’s new office in Delhi, said- ‘This is an extension of the dreams of the workers’

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Delhi BJP Central Office: Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated the new BJP office in Delhi on Tuesday evening. PM Modi said that when I had come to inaugurate the office in 2018, I had said that the soul of this office is our worker. The expansion of this office is not just the expansion of a building, but it is the expansion of the dreams of every BJP worker.

The Prime Minister said that after a few days from today, our party will celebrate its 44th foundation day. We are that party which took bold steps to protect democracy during the Emergency by sacrificing our own party in the interest of the country.

PM mentioned about Sikh riots

Referring to the Sikh riots, the PM said that the country can never forget what happened in 1984, after which the Congress got majority in the elections held after that. But we did not get discouraged, we again worked on the ground and strengthened our organization, only then we have reached here today. The journey that started with 2 Lok Sabha seats reached 330 in 2019. Today in many states we get more than 50% votes.

BJP biggest party in the world

The PM said that today BJP is not only the biggest party in the world but also the most futuristic party in India. We aim to build a modern and developed India of the future.

He told the workers that we have to develop BJP as such an organization which has a target set for the next 10 years-50 years. For this, 3 things are necessary – study, modernity and the power to imbibe good things from around the world.

BJP the life force of change

The Prime Minister said that BJP is not just limited to contesting and winning elections, but BJP is a system, an idea, an organization, a movement. BJP is also the life force of change. BJP is the first such party, which has constitutionally arranged a post for women in the party system. BJP is the first such party, which is constantly ready to give new opportunities to its workers.

Some parties launched campaign to save corrupt

PM Modi said that corruption runs away when BJP comes. Under the PMLA, assets worth Rs 5,000 crore were seized during the Congress government (2004-2014). Under this act, BJP has seized assets worth more than Rs 1 lakh 10 thousand crore in the last 9 years. When the agencies take action against those who are involved in corruption, the agencies are attacked. When the court gives a verdict, the court is questioned. Some parties together have launched a campaign to save the corrupt.

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