PM Modi US Visit: ‘The future is AI …’, Biden gifted AI T-shirt to PM Modi, know its meaning

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PM Modi US Visit: US President Joe Biden has gifted a T-shirt with AI written on it to PM Narendra Modi. On which it is written – The Future is AI ie AI is the future. Along with this, America India is written below it. Actually, this is PM’s mind, which Biden read and gifted him a memorable t-shirt.

Speaking on the relationship between India and America in the US Parliament, the PM had said that AI means America India. That is, it is our commitment to take forward the friendship between India and America. There has been a lot of progress in AI artificial intelligence in the last few years. At the same time, there have been very important developments in other AI America and India.

These veteran businessmen became witnesses

Biden gave PM Modi T-shirt in handshake program. At that time, businessmen like NASA Astronaut Sunita Williams, Satya Nadella, Anand Mahindra, Sundar Pichai, Sam Altman, Lisa Sue, Tim Cook, Mukesh Ambarani, Will Marshall, Hemant Taneja were present.

PM Modi said – this meeting is the guarantee of a bright future

In the handshake event, PM Modi said that the youth of India is making a mark on the basis of their talent across the world. This amalgamation of talent and technology brings a guarantee for a bright future. This morning is among few friends but this morning will bring the guarantee of a bright future. This is an opportunity to move forward with the vision and strength of President Biden and India’s aspirations and possibilities.

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