PM Modi US Visit: America will return more than 100 idols stolen from India, renewal of H-1B visa became easy, PM Modi announced

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PM Modi US Visit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi reached the Kennedy Center on the last day of his US tour. Where he addressed the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) event. On this occasion, PM Modi said that a decision has been taken to return more than 100 ancient idols of India which were stolen from our place. These antiquities reached the international market years ago in different ways. I express my special gratitude to the US government for returning it.

PM Modi said that respecting the sentiments of another country further strengthens the relationship between the two countries. Last time also many historical things were returned to me. Wherever I go in the world, people there feel that this is the right person, hand it over. Will take you to the right place.

Now H-1B visa will be renewed in America only

PM Modi said that considering your needs, India is going to open a new consulate in Seattle this year. Apart from this, Indian Consulates will also be opened in 2 more cities of America. Now new consulates of America are going to open in Ahmedabad and Bengaluru as well. Now it has been decided that the renewal of H1B visa can be done in the US only.

AI will work on more than 100 Indian languages

PM Modi said that Google’s AI Research Center in India will work on more than 100 Indian languages. This will make it easier for children in India whose mother tongue is not English, and secondly, with the help of the Government of India, a Tamil study chair will be established here at the University of Houston. This will further help in increasing the influence of Tamil culture and the oldest Tamil language in the world.

Now the shopkeeper interrupts that there is no digital app?

PM Modi said that the digital revolution that has come in India in the last years is unprecedented. It is possible that if you go to the shop in your village, you give cash to the shopkeeper, but the shopkeeper tells you that brother, there is no digital app on the mobile phone? It does not make any difference whether it is a Sunday or a Monday banking transaction. I can give many examples of such changes taking place in India.

US Secretary of State said – the visit was historic

At the US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF) event, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that Prime Minister it has indeed been a historic visit to Washington. Meanwhile, USISPF President John T. Chambers said that
I’ve met probably 40 of the world’s top leaders in 35 years. And when I met the Prime Minister for the first time, they are completely different. He has an energy that is amazing. He has an understanding of technology and understands how technology can enable a country. He linked a vision to a strategy, what are the priorities for carrying it out, linked it to the results.

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