PM Modi US Visit: Modi-Biden joined technology handshake, said- ‘Our mutual cooperation is important for the world’

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PM Modi US Visit: Friday is the last day of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s three-day US tour. He attended the Technology Handshake Program with President Joe Biden at the White House today. On this occasion, Biden said that our cooperation matters not only for our own people but for the whole world. Our partnership is more important than the next breakthrough or the next deal, no matter how big they may be. It’s about tackling climate change, exploring the universe, lifting people out of poverty, stopping pandemics and giving our citizens real opportunities.

After Biden, PM Modi said that the youth of India is making a mark around the world on the basis of their talent. This amalgamation of talent and technology brings a guarantee for a bright future. This morning is among few friends but this morning will bring the guarantee of a bright future. This is an opportunity to move forward with the vision and strength of President Biden and India’s aspirations and possibilities.

These giants reached the program

NASA’s Astronaut Sunita Williams was invited in this program. Apart from this, businessmen like Satya Nadella, Anand Mahindra, Sundar Pichai, Sam Altman, Lisa Sue, Tim Cook, Mukesh Ambarani, Will Marshall, Hemant Taneja etc. were present.

PM Modi attended the luncheon program with Kamala Harris

After the technology handshake program, PM Modi reached the luncheon organized by the US State Department. He was accompanied by Vice President Kamala Harris, Foreign Minister Antony Blinken. Antony said whether we call it the American dream or the Indian dream. Our people believe deeply in opportunity. It doesn’t matter who we are or where we come from, we can make something better out of ourselves. Here in America, India is part of our daily lives. We laugh at Mindy Kaling’s comedy. We dance to Diljit’s tunes at Coachella. By doing yoga, we keep ourselves fit and healthy.

Kamala Harris said – Vaccine made in India saved lives

At the same time, US Vice President Kamala Harris said that the history and education of India has influenced not only me but the whole world. India has inspired crores of people across the world, be it through philosophy or civil disobedience or commitment to democracy. Being the Vice President of America, I have visited many countries and also in India. India-made vaccine reached South-East Asia, with the help of which many lives could be saved.

Modi said – our relationship should be deeper

In response, PM Modi said that first of all I would like to thank Vice President Kamala Harris and Foreign Minister Antony Blinken for extending this grand welcome and I also express my heartfelt gratitude for the warm words spoken by both of you. In the last three years, I attended many meetings and discussed many topics. One thing was common in all the meetings, all agreed that the friendship and cooperation between India and America should be further deepened.

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