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Post Budget Webinar: PM Modi said – ‘Good governance’ is an essential condition for the success of government works and schemes

Post Budget Webinar: Prime Minister Modi addressed the post budget webinar today. He said that in this year’s budget, we have made a provision of Rs 80 thousand crore for the houses of the poor. We have to speed up the campaign of housing for all.

PM Modi said that it has been a tradition that after the budget, there is a discussion in Parliament regarding the budget, but our government has taken the discussion on the budget a step further. For the past few years, our government has started a new tradition of intensive brainstorming with all the stakeholders before and after budget preparation. Good governance is the first condition for the success of any government policy or programme.

PM said – Along with money, mind is also needed for the development of the countrymen.

PM Modi said that governance should be sensitive and dedicated. When there is proper monitoring of tasks, their efficiency and timely completion becomes highly possible. There has been an old concept in our country that the welfare of the people and the development of the country is possible only through money.

The PM said that money is necessary for the development of the country and the countrymen, but along with money, mind is also needed. The essential condition for the success of government works and government schemes is good governance, sensitive governance, governance dedicated to the common man. When the work of the government is measurable, it is continuously monitored, then it also gets the desired results.

PM Modi said – The day we will decide…

Prime Minister Modi said that the day we decide that every basic facility, in every area, will be provided to every citizen, then we will see what a big change will come in the work culture at the local level.

This is the spirit behind the policy of saturation. If we had continued with the old approach, it would have taken decades for the success of our Covid vaccination campaign, but our new approach of efficient and good governance has resulted in record breaking short time for its success.

PM said – there is a need to take this mantra to the end of the country

The Prime Minister said that there is a need to take the mantra of Reaching the Last Mile to the last mile in the tribal areas and rural areas in India. He said that special attention has been paid to this in this year’s budget as well. A provision of thousands of crores of rupees has been made in the budget to fulfill the target of

PM Modi said that till 2019, only 3 crore houses in the rural areas of our country used to get water from taps, now their number has increased to more than 11 crores. The work of 60,000 Amrit Sarovar started in a year itself and till now more than 30,000 have been built. May this campaign improve the lives of people far and wide, who were waiting for such a system for years.

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