‘When India grows, the whole world grows’, PM Modi said while addressing the US Parliament

pm modi us visit 2

PM Modi US Visit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed a joint meeting of the US Congress on Thursday. During this, he said that when I visited America for the first time as Prime Minister, India was the 10th largest economy in the world. Today India is the 5th largest economy. India will soon be the third largest economy. When India grows, the whole world grows.

This was Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s second address to the joint meeting of the US Congress. His first address was in June 2016. PM Modi said that it is always a great honor to address the US Congress and to do so twice is an extraordinary privilege.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is on a three-day state visit to the United States, where he was given a warm welcome by the Indian diaspora. In the US, the PM met Nobel laureates, industry leaders, authors, academicians, mathematicians and medical professionals.

What else did the PM say while addressing the US Congress?

PM Modi said that a lot has changed in the last 7 years, but the commitment to deepen the friendship between India and America remains the same. The era of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has seen more development between another AI (US-India).

PM Modi said that we come from different circumstances and history but we are united by a common vision and a common destiny. When our partnership moves forward, economic resilience grows, innovation soars, science flourishes, knowledge expands, humanity benefits, our seas and skies are protected, democracies brighter and the world a better place. This is the mission of our partnership, our calling for this century.

PM Modi said that as a citizen of a vibrant democracy, I can accept one thing… Mr. Speaker, your work is difficult. I can understand the debate of ideas and ideology. I’m happy to help whenever you need strong bipartisan consensus.

PM also said in the US Parliament – ​​this is not an era of war…

He said that with the Ukraine conflict, war has returned to Europe. This is causing great pain. Since major powers are involved, the consequences will be dire. As I said, this is not an era of war. This is the era of dialogue and diplomacy.

More than two decades after 9/11 and more than a decade after 26/11 in Mumbai, radicalism and terrorism still remain a serious threat to the world. Terrorism is the enemy of humanity and there can be no ifs and buts in dealing with it.

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