Parents in Pakistan are forced to put ‘lock’ on their daughters’ graves, this news will surprise you

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Islamabad (Pakistan): A picture that embarrasses humanity has come to the fore from Pakistan. Here the parents are being forced to lock the grave of their dead daughter. This has been revealed in the report of Daily Times. The report claimed that the cases of necrophilia are increasing continuously in Pakistan. Some people are raping the dead bodies.

The report claims that a woman is raped every two hours in Pakistan, but the locking of women’s graves is heart-wrenching. This proves that the society never dares to look at the so-called women with respect. In his book The Curse of God, Why I Left Islam, Harris Sultan blames radical Islamist ideology for such acts. Haras Sultan has left the Muslim religion. They claim themselves to be atheists.

Former Muslim tweeted photo

Sultan tweeted a photo of the tomb on 26 April. He wrote that Pakistan has created such a promiscuous, sexually frustrated society that people are now putting locks on their daughters’ graves to prevent them from being raped. When you associate burqa with rape, it follows you to your grave.

The matter came to light in 2011

In 2011, a case of necrophilia came to light in Pakistan. A person named Muhammad Rizwan was arrested from North Nazimabad, Karachi. He used to guard the graves. He had confessed to raping 48 female dead bodies. Let us tell you that according to the National Human Rights Commission, more than 40 percent of Pakistani women have been victims of some form of violence at least once in their lifetime.

What is necrophilia?

Necrophilia is a Greek word. Greek means flesh and philia means love. Necrophilia thus means deriving pleasure from having sex with the dead.

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