‘Send Seema Haider to Pakistan, otherwise there will be an attack like 26/11’, Mumbai traffic police received a threat call

Seema Haider

Seema Haider: The love story of Seema Haider and Sachin Meena, who came to India from Pakistan leaving her husband, is in discussion. Meanwhile, an unidentified person called up the Mumbai traffic police control room on Thursday and threatened to carry out an attack similar to the 26/11 attack.

Mumbai Police said that the police control room received a threat call, in which the caller asked to be prepared for 26/11 terrorist attack if Pakistani national Seema Haider did not return to Pakistan. The crime branch has started investigating the matter.

The dacoits had threatened Hindus of dire consequences

Dacoits from Pakistan on Wednesday made a public threat to India and Hindus living in their country, saying that if Seema Haider is not sent back to her country, there will be bloodshed. A group of Baloch dacoits has released a video from Pakistan. They have threatened that if Seema Haider is not sent back to her country, they will rape and kill Hindu women living in Pakistan.

In the viral video, four men wearing masks and holding rifles are seen threatening the Hindu population in Pakistan. The person sitting in the middle of the group of alleged terrorists is threatening Hindus. In the video a man said that a girl from our town Jakhrani has recently gone to Delhi from Pakistan. India has to understand that if Seema Haider is not sent back to Pakistan then Hindus and people of other religions living here will not be spared.

Seema reached Noida with four children

Seema Haider and Sachin Meena, a resident of Noida Rabupura village, fell in love while playing PUBG. Then love blossomed to such an extent that Seema Haider reached Rabupura village of Greater Noida on May 13 via Dubai and then Nepal. He has adopted Hinduism by giving up eating chicken, meat and fish. Seema Haider has also brought four children with her. This matter has come to the fore when the police arrested him in the past on the charges of living illegally in India. At present both are out on bail.

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