Cross Border Terrorism: ‘Terrorism is not tolerated…’, Pakistan surrounded by Indo-US statement, started chanting Kashmir

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Cross Border Terrorism: There has been a stir in the neighboring country after Prime Minister Modi and US President Joe Biden jointly put Pakistan in the dock against terrorism. Biden and Modi said that terrorism will not be tolerated. After this, Pakistan’s Foreign Ministry has termed the US-India joint statement as one-sided and misleading. It also said that referring to Islamabad was contrary to diplomatic norms. Also it has political implications.

The Ministry of External Affairs said, ‘Pakistan has made unmatched sacrifices in the fight against terrorism. By giving their lives, our law enforcement agencies and armed forces have set an example. The people of Pakistan are the real heroes in this fight. On the other hand, despite deep friendship, Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang has urged the Pakistan Army to continue its zero tolerance crackdown on terrorism.

Once Alapa Kashmir Raga

The Ministry of External Affairs said, ‘The international community has time and again recognized the efforts and sacrifices of Pakistan in the fight against terrorism. It has long been concluded that terrorism can be defeated through concerted and cooperative actions. The statement shows that the spirit of cooperation, which was so essential to defeat the scourge of terrorism, has been sacrificed at the altar of geopolitical considerations.

Pakistani Foreign Ministry has once again played the Kashmir tune. Said that India habitually resorts to terrorism to divert attention from brutal repression of Kashmiri people in Jammu and Kashmir and mistreatment of its minorities. In such a situation, it is completely wrong to make any allegation on Pakistan and its fight against terrorism.

Pakistan stunned by US cooperation in defense sector

Pakistan is shocked by American cooperation in the field of defence. The Ministry of External Affairs said that Pakistan is also deeply concerned about the planned transfer of advanced military technologies to India. Such moves are fueling military imbalances in the region and undermining strategic stability. They have remained ineffective in achieving the objective of durable peace in South Asia.

We urge our international partners to take a holistic and objective approach to issues of peace and security in South Asia and refrain from supporting unilateral positions.

India-America gave this warning to Pakistan

US President Joe Biden and PM Modi strongly condemned cross-border terrorism, use of terrorist pseudonyms. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday spoke about the grave threat of radicalism and terrorism while addressing a joint meeting of the US Congress in Washington. In a strongly worded message, the Prime Minister said, there can be no ifs and buts in dealing with terrorism. More than two decades after 9/11 and more than a decade after 26/11 in Mumbai, radicalism and terrorism still remain a serious threat to the entire world. These ideologies keep taking new identities and forms but their intentions remain the same.

The challenges facing both India and the US in cross-border terrorism and the Indo-Pacific region and what both countries need to do to mitigate these challenges through cooperation.

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