Pakistan News: Police will search Imran Khan’s house today, accused of hiding terrorists

Imran Khan

Pakistan News: Pakistan Police will search Imran Khan’s residence in Lahore today. It is alleged that 30 to 40 terrorists have been hidden in Imran’s house. Earlier on Thursday afternoon, a large number of Punjab Police personnel surrounded Imran Khan’s house in Lahore on Thursday.

According to the information, the police of Punjab province can start a security operation any time on Friday to arrest the ‘terrorists’ hiding in Imran’s house. Earlier, an ultimatum was given to hand over the terrorists to the police by 2 pm on Thursday, which has ended.

Police took charge outside Imran Khan’s house

Police officers equipped with heavy machinery have taken up positions near Zaman Park. The police have also blocked all roads leading to Khan’s residence by erecting barriers. Jammers have been installed in the area. Quoting sources, Geo News said that the Inspector General (IG) of Punjab Police and the police officers of the capital city have asked the police to be vigilant.

On Wednesday, Punjab’s acting information minister Aamir Mir had claimed that 30 to 40 terrorists were holed up inside Khan’s Zaman Park residence and gave the chief an ultimatum of 24 hours to hand them over or face stern action. The minister said on Thursday that when the deadline expires, the police may raid Zaman Park to arrest terrorists, including Khan’s nephew Hasan Niazi, who is reportedly hiding there.

Imran Khan said – come with search warrant, search

Meanwhile, Khan asked the government to send the police team with the search warrant as he would have no objection to it. He has claimed that a decision has been taken to arrest him and he will be tried under the Pakistan Army Act and the Official Secrets Act in connection with the attack on military installations. He said that he would be kept in jail for 10 years on the charge of treason.

On Wednesday, Khan shared a video in a tweet which he claimed showed “visuals from outside my house when I was addressing the nation”. In the video, a large contingent of police officers and dozens of police vehicles are seen moving in one direction.

In a series of tweets on Thursday, Khan demanded an immediate probe into police firing on unarmed protesters which he claimed left 25 dead and hundreds injured on May 6 and 7.

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