Pakistan: ‘Plan to keep me in jail for the next 10 years…’, former PM Imran Khan’s big allegation on the army

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Pakistan: Pakistan’s former Prime Minister Imran Khan on Monday claimed that the country’s powerful army has planned to keep him in jail for the next 10 years on charges of treason. He tweeted on Monday. In which Imran wrote, so now the whole plan of London has come to the fore. When I was in jail, they played the role of judge and executioner on the pretext of violence. Now the plan is to humiliate me by putting Bushra Begum (Khan’s wife) in jail. Some sedition law is being used to keep me in jail for the next ten years. Imran made this tweet after a meeting of PTI leaders at his Lahore residence.

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people are being bullied

Imran Khan, 70, is currently out on bail in more than 100 cases. He said that the army has adopted two tactics. First, the deliberate terror unleashed not only on PTI workers, but also on common citizens. Second, the media is completely controlled and suppressed. Houses are being demolished and police are brazenly beating up the women of the houses. This is being done deliberately to create fear among the people. This is being done so that people do not come out if they come to arrest me. They will then shut down the internet and ban social media as well.

i will fight till my last breath

Giving his message to the people of Pakistan, Khan said that I will fight for real freedom till the last drop of my blood. Because death is better for me than being a slave to these scoundrels. We have vowed La Illah Ha Illallah, that we do not bow down to anyone except One (Allah). If we succumb to the idol of fear, there will only be humiliation and disintegration for our future generations. Countries where there is injustice and law of the jungle do not survive for long.

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