Pakistan Economic Crisis: Severe economic crisis in Pakistan, seeing a truck full of flour, people looted

Pakistan Economic Crisis

Pakistan Economic Crisis: Pakistan is going through a severe economic crisis. People have become short of food items. Inflation has increased a lot. It is becoming difficult for the common people to spend each day of Ramadan in Pakistan. The situation has now become so bad that pictures of looting are being seen from Pakistan.

loot for flour

The picture of looting is being seen on every social media. In a video, several Pakistanis are seen running behind a truck in Peshawar. The truck was carrying wheat flour for the poor. People could be seen climbing onto trucks delivering wheat flour for free. Later reports said that the truck was looted by locals before it even reached the distribution center. There is the biggest shortage of flour in Pakistan at this time.

Stampede broke out in many cities

Similar instances have come to light in other cities of Pakistan as well. The country is grappling with a severe economic crisis and rising inflation. The incidents came to light after the government started distributing free flour bags, Dawn reported. This situation in Pakistan indicates Jungle Raj, where the strong are preying on the weak.

many people were injured

Reports said at least seven people were injured after a flour distribution center collapsed in Muzaffargarh. The condition of four out of seven is said to be critical. Reports also said that at several distribution centers, police personnel baton-charged people to control the crowd. Four women were injured and two fell unconscious at Depalpur in Okara area where the stampede took place.

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