‘Our answer will be harsher than harsh’, Putin furious over Wagner Army’s mutiny

Wagner Army mutiny

Moscow: Russian President Putin is in trouble. Russia’s private army has turned against President Vladimir Putin. Wagner’s army claims control of the city of Rostov and the military headquarters there. Putin addressed the nation after the uprising. He said that we will save our country from internal rebellion. Wagner has stabbed us in the back. The private army has cheated the people of the country. Our answer will be harsher than harsh.

Rebels will get severe punishment – ​​Putin

In his address, Putin said that what we are facing today is internal betrayal. We need the unity of all our forces in Russia. Whoever steps in favor of the rebellion will be punished. Putin told that the Russian army is acting like a hero. He is in a cross mood. He said action has been ordered against Wagner. It is clear from Putin’s words that he will not compromise on Ukraine. Meanwhile, the rebels have been asked to surrender.

Russian media released videos attributed to Prigogine showing Wagner fighters and armored vehicles on the streets of Rostov and outside the military headquarters. According to the New York Times, in view of the situation, the mayor of Rostov has appealed to the people to stay indoors. The Kremlin said that Putin is constantly receiving information on this matter from the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the National Guard.

Highways leading to Moscow closed

Fighters of the Wagner Group are on the front. Wagner Chief has declared war against Russia. The highway coming to Moscow has been closed. Wagner claims that a second helicopter of the Russian army has also been shot down. The Governor of Rostov has appealed to the people not to leave the house. Wagner also claimed that his army had captured several positions in the city of Rostov. The mayor of Rostov has urged people to stay indoors.

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