Sudan Conflict: The first batch of 278 Indians from Sudan left for Jeddah from INS Sumedha, people seen holding the tricolor

Operation Kaveri 1

Sudan Conflict: Modi government’s Operation Kaveri has gained momentum to evacuate Indians trapped in the midst of civil war in Sudan. On Tuesday, the first batch of Indians left for Jeddah, Saudi Arabia by naval ship INS Sumedha. Ministry of External Affairs Spokesperson Arindam Bagchi tweeted pictures of Indians on board INS Sumedha. During this, some people thanked the government and many were seen holding the tricolor in their hands.

Arindam Bagchi informed that the first batch of stranded Indians left for Sudan under Operation Kaveri. INS Sumedha is on its way from Port Sudan to Jeddah with 278 people on board. Many children and women are also included in these.

India will be brought from Jeddah

India deployed two C-130J military transport aircraft at Jeddah and INS Sumedha at Port of Sudan as part of Operation Kaveri. After reaching Jeddah, the Indians will be brought back home. There are about 3,000 Indians living in the whole of Sudan. PM Modi had instructed to prepare a plan to evacuate Indians in Sudan.

Fierce war continues in Sudan

Fighting between the army and paramilitary forces continues in Sudan. Fierce fighting broke out in several places in the capital Khartoum. This has made the security situation unstable. Even after a 72-hour ceasefire, there was violence at various places. So far more than 400 people have been killed in the war that started on 15 April. While more than three thousand people are injured.

Sporadic shelling took place in parts of Khartoum today despite a 72-hour ceasefire agreement, AFP news agency reported.

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