To fulfill the wish of the wife, the husband built a temple worth 7 crores, this is the whole story

huband made santoshi mata temple for wife

Santoshi Mata Temple: Tajmahaj has a different importance in the history of India. It is said that Shah Jahan got this wonderful work done in the memory of his wife Mumtaz. Now something similar has happened in India as well. A man in India got a temple built only on the advice of his wife. This temple is very unique in many ways and is a symbol of love and devotion between husband and wife.

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This temple is built in Jajpur, Odisha

According to media reports, Khetravasi Lenka, a resident of Odisha, has got this temple constructed. He is a businessman. He married his wife Vaijanti in the year 1992. Wife Santoshi was a devotee of Mata. He wished that there should be a temple near his house. To fulfill this wish of his, Khetravasi got this temple constructed. Vaijanti says this temple is not only for her. Otherwise everyone will be able to worship here. Now all the people of the village come to worship in this temple.

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The temple is built at a cost of Rs 7 crore (Santoshi Mata Temple).

The construction work of this temple was started in the year 2008. The temple has been built in the South Indian style. For this, artisans were also called from Chennai. They stayed here till the completion of the construction work. He built these temples. After this, the idol of the goddess was duly consecrated in it.

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