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ODI World Cup: Before the World Cup, Ravi Shastri raised a big demand, Dinesh Karthik supported

New Delhi: ODI World Cup will be organized in India this year. Teams are busy preparing for this. Team India will play ODI series against Australia from March 17 in the series of preparations. Meanwhile, a big statement of former coach Ravi Shastri has come to the fore. Ravi Shastri has said that ODI matches should be reduced as it is essential to keep the format alive.

ODI should be made of 40 overs

Former coach Ravi Shastri said that he wanted the format to be reduced to 40 overs from 50 in the past. He once again gave the same message during the Ahmedabad Test. Shastri was quoted as saying by the Indian Express that if ODIs need to survive, it should be reduced to 40 overs. Shastri gave the example of the time when India won the World Cup in 1983 when ODIs were of 60 overs. The Indian veteran said that when the attention span of the fans waned, it became 50 overs. Shastri said that this is the right time to reduce it to 40 overs once again.

The 1983 World Cup was of 60 overs

He said that for one-day cricket to survive, it should be reduced to 40 overs in future. I am saying this because when we won the World Cup in 1983, it was a 60-over game. Then the trend of the people decreased, then it started to be played for 50 overs. I think the time has come for it to become a 40-over game. Things develop with time. Minimize this format.

There should be a reduction in bilateral matches

Shastri said that the T20 format is important for the game, but there should be a reduction in bilateral matches as there are enough domestic leagues around the world. He said, ‘I think the T20 format is important. “This is the injection the game needs to grow. I think bilateral games should be reduced there also. There are many domestic leagues around the world that promote the T20 game. We should let those leagues happen and then have the World Cup in between. Very few bilateral matches should be played if needed before the World Cup or anything like that. Then you can maintain all three formats. The former India coach said that Test cricket should be given paramount importance. it’s the real thing. I think there is space for all formats in India.

Dinesh Karthik supported

At the same time, on this demand of Shastri, Indian cricketer Dinesh Karthik has supported him. He also said that the ODI format is losing its charm. Also, the World Cup to be held in October-November this year could be the last edition. Karthik said, “The ODI format has lost its charm. We may see another World Cup later this year or the year after. People want to see Test cricket, which is the real format of cricket. Whereas T20 is for entertainment.


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