NZ vs SL: New Zealand won here, Sri Lanka lost like this, tremendous thrill shown on the last ball, watch video

Kane Williamson won New Zealand on last ball sri lanka lost

NZ vs SL: The Kiwi team won the first Test between New Zealand and Sri Lanka. Kane Williamson was the hero of this victory, who won New Zealand in the last over. But in the last over, the thrill and enthusiasm was everything. It didn’t feel like a test match was going on.

Williamson avoids run out

New Zealand needed 2 runs to win in 1 ball of the last over, Kane Williamson was batting, he played a pull shot off Kusan Rajita, but the timing was not right but Williamson ran. He also ran the second run, but by then the wicket-keeper hit a sharp throw which hit the stumps straight. This was followed by a replay, in which Williamson reached the crease before the ball hit the stumps. Due to which he was given not out.

As soon as Williamson was given out, he breathed a sigh of relief. But as soon as this run was completed, a wave of happiness ran in the New Zealand team. Everyone congratulated Williamson for this brilliant innings. Williamson played a brilliant inning of 121 runs in the second innings, while in the first innings he was dismissed for just 1 run. But in the second innings, he managed to win his team.

thrilling test match

The first Test match played between New Zealand and Sri Lanka was as exciting as any ODI and T20 match. In the last overs, this match had completely become a T20 game. Because 16 runs were needed in the last 12 balls. That’s why Sri Lanka also put full force. The special thing is that some wickets of the Kiwi team also fell. But in the end the match came in the hands of New Zealand.

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