Mumbai News: NRI smokes in Air India flight, accused arrested on crew member’s complaint

NRI Misbehave in AIR India Flight

Mumbai News: A case has been registered against the American citizen of Indian origin at the Sahar police station in Mumbai. It is alleged that Ramakant, 37, smoked in the bathroom of a Mumbai-London flight on March 11, besides misbehaving with other passengers. Police has now taken this action on the basis of investigation after the complaint.

Smoke alarm in bathroom

A case has been registered against Ramakant under section 336 of the Indian Penal Code and section 22 of the Aircraft Act 1937. Told Air India Police that smoking is not allowed during the flight but as soon as he went to the bathroom the alarm went off and when we all ran towards the bathroom we saw that he had a cigarette in his hand. We immediately threw the cigarette out of his hand. Ramakant got angry after throwing the cigarette and started shouting at all of us.

angrily tries to open the door

The crew member told that somehow we took him to his seat. But after some time he tried to open the door of the aircraft. All the passengers sitting in the plane were also scared by his behavior. He was not ready to listen to us and was shouting. Then we tied his hands and feet and made him sit on the seat.

e-cigarette out of bag

The accused passenger did not stop even at this and started banging his head in anger. One of the passengers traveling in the plane was a doctor, when he came and checked, he told that there was some medicine in his bag, but on checking the bag, an e-cigarette was found. Passenger Ramakant was handed over to the Sahar police after the flight landed.

Where he was taken into custody and a case was registered under various sections of the IPC. Police said the accused is of Indian origin but a citizen of the United States of America and holds an American passport.

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