‘Don’t dare to look at India…’, Congress leader Rajeev Shukla gave a befitting reply to former PAK minister Sheikh Rashid

rajeev shakla attack on sheikh rasheed

New Delhi: Pakistan’s former interior minister and outspoken leader Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Monday threatened India with a nuclear attack. On his threat, Congress MP Rajeev Shukla has given a befitting reply by tweeting. MP Rajeev advised Sheikh Rasheed to save his house first. Along with this, he also warned that do not even dare to raise your eyes towards India.

The Congress leader wrote in his tweet that first save your house in Rawalpindi, Sheikh Rasid Saheb. You are expert in sneaking into the government that comes. Don’t even dare to look at India.

Sheikh Rashid said – the community is ready to die and kill

Sheikh Rasheed said in a rally in Pakistan that the people are alive. The community is ready to die and kill. When I said in Balakot, people of India! We have such spices, neither the bell of Birla Mandir will ring nor the grass will grow in India. Want to announce to the whole world that we will starve. We’ll be naked But this 24 crore community is alive. She will fight and die for Pakistan.

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