Netherlands Train Fire: Fire broke out after collision between goods train and passenger train in Netherlands, several passengers seriously injured

Netherlands Train Fire 1

Netherlands Train Fire: Several passengers have been reported seriously injured in a collision between a freight train and a passenger train in the southern Netherlands. It is being told that both the trains derailed after the collision and the train caught fire. Local emergency services said on Tuesday that the injured had been taken to local hospitals.

There is talk of a train collision between The Hague and Amsterdam. It is being said that after the accident, the injured have been admitted to the hospital in Voorschoten city. The crash happened at around 3.30am (01:30 GMT) in the village of Voorschoten, some 55 kilometers (34 miles) south of the capital Amsterdam, according to broadcaster NOS.

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two bogies derailed

Two of the four bogies of the train derailed and the ANP news agency reported a fire in the rear carriage. NOS quoted a spokesman for Hollandse Central security region as saying that several passengers were injured in the accident.

Some media reports said that initially the passenger train collided with a goods train, but later it was reported that the passenger train had collided with a crane on the track engaged in construction work.

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The NOS said emergency services, including helicopters, have been deployed to take the injured to hospital. The train was going from Leiden to The Hague when the accident happened. Train services have been stopped on the route.

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