Make ‘Salty Lassi’ on Holi, learn the method

Namkeen Lassi Recipe

Namkeen Lassi Recipe: During the summer days, there is always a desire to drink something cold. People need more drinks these days, as well as they sweat a lot these days, so they feel like drinking anything cold.

Along with soothing the throat, it also keeps the digestion very good. Along with this, drinking salted lassi also reduces the risk of heatstroke. Salted Lassi Recipe in Hindi is also known by the name of Slotted Lassi.

Make ‘Salty Lassi’ for guests on Holi

Also, you can make it on the festival of Holi and give its taste to your guests. Believe me, whoever drinks it will not be able to live without praising it.

This lassi is not only good for your taste but also very beneficial for your health. Consuming it in summer can give you many benefits. That’s why today we have brought you the recipe of Salted Lassi, which is very easy to make.

Ingredients to make Salted Lassi

Curd – 04 cup Water – 12 cup Salt – 01 tsp Black salt – 1/2 tsp Roasted cumin – 01 tsp Black pepper powder – 02 pinch Ice cubes – as needed


To make Salted Lassi Recipe in Hindi, first you have to take curd in a big bowl. Along with this, mix salt, black salt and black pepper in it and whisk it well.

After this add water to it and churn it again. After this, if you like green coriander, then you can also add coriander leaves to it. After this your delicious salty lassi is ready.

You can serve it to your guests by pouring it in a glass (you can also add ice slices if you want).

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