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Nalini Jaywant Birthday: Nalini, who ruled the industry, was lonely in the last time, the dead body was lying for 3 days

Neetu Kumar: Today is the 95th birthday of actress Nalini Jaywant, who ruled Hindi cinema from the 40s to the 60s. Nalini was born on February 18, 1926 in Mumbai.

Nalini was the cousin of Bollywood actress Kajol’s maternal grandmother Shobhana Samarth. Nalini was one of the superhit actresses of her time. Everyone was crazy about her style and beauty.

Used to give competition to Madhubala in beauty

She was such an actress, who even gave competition to the beauty of Madhubala. Nalini made her debut in films as a child actor and then she never looked back.

Dilip Kumar, the superhit hero of that time, from Ashok Kumar to Dev Anand aspired to work with him. Nalini Jaywant stepped into the film world as an actress in the year 1941 with Mehboob Khan’s film ‘Sister’.

Shown in superhit films

Her pairing with Ashok Kumar was well liked, both of them did many films together including films like ‘Samadhi’ and ‘Sangram’.

Nalini got a lot of popularity from these films. After this he showed his mettle in many superhit films like ‘Jalpari’, ‘Saloni’, ‘Kafila’, ‘Sheru’ and ‘Mr X’. In 1952, Filmfare magazine did a beauty poll, in which Nalini beat actress Madhubala in beauty and captured the number one position.

Nalini busy in personal life

Whereas Nalini ruled the film industry for many years, but bad times knocked in her life too. Gradually he stopped getting work. He made a comeback in the year 1965 with the film ‘Bombay Race Course’, but the film flopped. After which Nalini retired from films and got busy in her personal life.

Nalini did two marriages

Please tell that Nalini had done two marriages. She first married director Virendra Desai in 1945, but got divorced after 3 years. After which she married actor Prabhu Dayal in 1960.

Nalini also worked in several films with Prabhu Dayal, however, Prabhu died in 2001. After this Nalini became very lonely.

great progress in the world

There was a time when Nalini was on the pinnacle of success, but in the last time Nalini had to live a life of oblivion.

Nalini Jaywant may have made a lot of progress in the film world, but in her real life she remained very lonely and troubled. Even in his last time no one was with him. When he died, no one even got a clue about it.

Nalini died under suspicious circumstances

His dead body was lying in the room for several days. Nalini’s family members themselves had abandoned her. It was on December 20, 2010, when Nalini said her last salute to this world.

Nalini died under suspicious circumstances. It is said that people came to know about this after 3 days of his death. While an unknown person had taken Nalini’s body in an ambulance, even her family members did not come to see her death.


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