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Nails Care Tips: These tips are a panacea for the growth and beauty of nails, follow them today

Nails Care Tips: Today’s era is such that everyone wants to look beautiful. For this, people also adopt different methods. An important part of the beauty of the body is the beautiful appearance of the nails.

If your nails don’t look nice, neat, people ignore you. So today we have come up with a way to make your nails beautiful, which will make your nails look beautiful.

how to make nails beautiful

1. Garlic is a panacea for long nails

If you also like long nails and you also want to grow your nails, then for this, peel and crush 3-4 garlic buds. After this, rub it on your nails with light hands for about 5-10 minutes. If you do this, then the growth of your nails will be good and your nails will shine, as well as they will be strong.

2. Coconut oil will help

To make nails strong and long, heat 4 to 5 teaspoons of coconut oil and keep it on the nails for about 5-7 minutes or soak your nails in it. Along with this, you can also massage your nails. If you do this regularly, then your nails will grow very quickly.

3. Benefits of orange and eggs

To lengthen the nails, mix one egg white in 2 teaspoons of orange juice and then mix it well. After this leave this mixture on your nails for about 10 minutes and then wash your nails with clean water. This will increase the growth of your nails and they will also be strong. You can do this everyday also, it also strengthens your nails.

Disclaimer: The related article is intended to increase reader information and awareness. News24 neither makes any claim nor takes responsibility regarding the information and information provided in this article. We humbly request you to take medical advice regarding this. Our aim is only to provide you information.


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