MS Dhoni Injury: MS Dhoni will consult sports orthopedics in Mumbai, CSK CEO Kasi Vishwanathan gave this statement

MS Dhoni Injury 1

New Delhi: Chennai Super Kings captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni will consult sports orthopedics in Mumbai before taking a decision on his treatment. CEO Kasi Vishwanathan gave this information on Wednesday. Dhoni played the entire IPL season with a left knee injury. After the final, a knee-cap was also seen on his leg.

It will be completely Dhoni’s decision

Vishwanathan told PTI- Yes, it is true that Dhoni will take advice for his left knee injury and will decide accordingly. Is there a possibility that Dhoni will decide not to play next season? In response to this question, the CEO said- Frankly speaking, we are not even thinking in that direction because we have not reached that stage. Vishwanathan said- It will be completely Dhoni’s decision, but I can tell you in CSK, we did not consider those things.

it was possible because of our captain

Asked whether CSK supremo N Srinivasan addressed the players after the fifth IPL trophy? Vishwanathan said- The players left for their respective destinations from Ahmedabad itself. Also if you have seen CSK, we are never too old to celebrate. Many players of CSK were injured this season, despite this the team won a great victory. Viswanathan said- It is about team spirit and each player knows his role. Even a player of Ben Stokes’ stature was an all-rounder despite his temperament. The young players looked at him. This has been possible because of our captain. Keeping things simple and letting each player know what is expected of them. The captain keeps everything simple in our franchise.

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