Michael Vaughan apologizes on allegations of racism, 13 years old on this tweet

Michael Vaughan

New Delhi: Racism has been a significant issue in English cricket. Many cricketers have faced this. Now former England captain Michael Vaughan remains a topic of discussion on the issue of racism. In fact, these days the hearing of the case of racism is going on in the England Cricket Board (ECB). Azim Rafiq, Adil Rashid, Rana Naved-ul-Hasan and Ajmal Shahzad accused him of racism in 2009. Michael Vaughan’s historic tweet took center stage on the third day of the hearing. In this tweet, he made racist remarks. He had tweeted on 15 October 2010 – Not many English people live in London .. I need to learn a new language… It was linked to racism.

The interrogation lasted for about 90 minutes

However, the former England captain denied the ECB’s allegation of bringing the game into disrepute. The ECB’s allegation came after Rafiq’s comment. Rasheed also testified in this regard. Vaughan was questioned for about 90 minutes by Jane Mulcahy-Casey, the ECB’s lead lawyer. Vaughan acknowledged that the tweets were unacceptable. He said that he had apologized for them earlier as well and would continue to do so in the future. Mulcahy reported that both Rafiq and Rasheed claimed that Vaughan had played a bad joke on them. Vaughn also said that if I find something wrong with my life, I put my hands up.

what is the whole matter

Last year, England team player Adil Rashid made a serious allegation against the former captain, claiming that he had heard Michael Vaughan making lewd remarks about Asian players. Former teammate Azim Rafiq, who was part of the Yorkshire team, also revealed that Vaughan had made derogatory remarks about Asian players. Although Michael Vaughan had earlier denied all the allegations leveled against him. Many types of actions were also taken on him. The BBC dropped him from his podcast. The allegations made by Azim Rafiq are from the 2009 season when Michael Vaughan played cricket for Yorkshire.

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