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Like Twitter, now you will have to buy Blue Tick on Instagram and Facebook too! Mark Zuckerberg announced

Meta Verified Paid Blue Verification Tick on Facebook and Instagram: Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg has announced that his company is introducing a new feature called ‘Meta Verified’ on Instagram and Facebook.

The new functionality will give users access to a verified badge, similar to celebrities and influencers on the platform. In addition to the verified badge, subscribers will also get enhanced visibility across the two platforms and priority customer support, among other things.

Meta Verified Paid Blue Verification Tick

Zuckerberg wrote in a post, “This week we’re launching Meta Verified — a subscription service that lets you verify your account with a government ID, earn a Blue Badge, and take additional impersonations against accounts claiming to be you.” Provides access to security. Plus the customer gets the convenience of direct access to support.” He further added that “this new feature is all about enhancing the authenticity and security in our services.”

Meta Verified Eligibility

However, not everyone will be able to access Meta Verified. To be able to subscribe to Meta Verified, users must be at least 18 years old and their accounts must meet minimum activity requirements, such as prior posting history. In addition, Meta said applicants must submit a government ID proof that matches their profile name and photo of the Facebook or Instagram account they are applying for.

Meta Verified Pricing and Availability

As for availability, Meta said it has currently started testing the functionality in New Zealand and Australia. In Australia, the service costs AUD 19.99 on the web and AUD 24.99 on iOS and Android. Similarly, the cost of the service in New Zealand is NZD 23.99 on web and NZD 29.99 on iOS and Android.


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